Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Campbell International Personnel Consultancy Service operates under the following terms and conditions:

  1. Campbell International Human Resource Consultants will assist and advise companies in all areas of Human Resource Management.
  2. Both parties will agree at the start to a program of Human Resource activities which will be conducted during the year.
  3. The program will be reviewed regularly and changes can be made to the satisfaction of the company.
  4. The Campbell International Human Resource Consultant will be on call to support the company in relation to Human Resource Management and Campbell International will return the call within one (1) working day.
  5. The number of hours can be upgraded throughout the year at the request of the company.
  6. Campbell International Human Resource Consultants will inform the Company two weeks in advance regarding company holidays.
  7. The fee is excluding VAT charges and VAT is applicable.
  8. Campbell International Human Resource Consultants will inform the company regularly regarding the number of consultancy hours worked to date.
  9. There is a two-day notice period for cancelling meetings between the company and Campbell International.
  10. Travel to and from the offices of the company is included in the fee. However, if the company requires Campbell International Human Resources to travel to other destinations the company will reimburse all travel expenses, compensate for travel time and pay for travelling by car at the fixed rate of 55 cent per mile.

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