Recruitment – A Major Investment

Recruitment – A Major Investment

SME companies want employees with excellent skills with a great attitude to work. It is as simple as that. They want employees who can help them to grow and improve their business, who can work on their own without too much checking and correction. Who have initiative and come up with simple ideas on how to improve their work and their output. They want employees who make things easier and not more difficult. And they are right. Life is difficult enough at the moment for SME companies and any assistance employees can give to make the life of the Owner/Manager easier is much appreciated. If only employees performed their job well that would be a great help. The truth is that getting it wrong and hiring the wrong candidate can be very costly and no company can afford this in these economic challenging times.

How do you get those employees with the right skills and attitude? One method is to look for them when you are recruiting for new staff members. The selection of new recruits is an important moment when you are deciding does this employee have the right skill set and the right attitude to work. Many SME managers miss that opportunity. Why? Because they haven’t really thought about what they are looking for. They haven’t identified the skills set and attitudes are which are required to be successful in their job. They are busy and just hope they will meet the right candidate at the interview. Well it takes more than that to be successful in recruiting new employees.

A HR consultant who specialises in SME companies can be very helpful in putting a recruitment process in place which solves your recruitment of new employees. At the end you have a process in place which delivers you the right candidates for the right investment while you have been trained on how to interview candidates and decide which are the best for your company. Campbell International can help you to organise your recruitment process and find those candidates which will help to develop your company.

Recruitment is a major investment in any company. The average industrial wages in Ireland is €36,000 and multiply that by 10 years. As you could expect that an employee would stay with you for at least 10 years and you are talking about a major investment of €360,000. A lot of Owners / Managers would seriously deliberate before making such an investment and look at it from all sides. Yet I know managers who would hire an employee in an afternoon without giving it much thought. Human Resources is a serious business which can develop your company into a serious player on the market.

Ignoring human resources can fatally harm your company and send the company to the graveyard…

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