The Critical Recruitment of Excellent Staff

The Critical Recruitment of Excellent Staff

‘Take our twenty best people away, and I can tell you that Microsoft would become an unimportant company’ – Bill Gates, Chairman Microsoft.

In today’s lightning fast business environment the competition is smart, tough and coming from every direction. Those who succeed will do so because of the talent they put on the field. The problem: that critical talent is in short supply. As a result, recruitment has never had a more significant upside – or a more devastating downside! So how does a company do it right? The answer is hardly mysterious: The answer is commitment. The tools are out there – using them to achieve excellent results just takes time and focus. As time is a precious commodity these days you need to focus on recruitment, do it right the first time and do not take short cuts. They can save time occasionally but in the end they will cost you more time, money and your reputation. There are a number of actions that you and your company can take to improve the recruitment and selection process: –


  • Make sure your interviewers are trained in selection interviews – knowing what questions to ask and how to go about asking them is essential – especially with all the legal traps regarding what you can and cannot ask.
  • Learn and practise competency based selection interviews based on the criteria: Past performance is the best indicator of future performance.
  • Draft a simple profile of the vacant position in order that all involved know what they are looking for and that the most important requirements are being taken care of.
  • Know the culture of your company and identify the best candidates, who suit your culture and have the right attitude to progress your company.
  • Involve fellow employees in the recruitment process as co-workers know what it takes to succeed in their area and furthermore they have to pick up the pieces if the wrong person is hired.
  • Make sure your company is known to be a great place to work – otherwise you will fail to attract the right candidates and end up with the duds no one else would hire.
  • Time your recruitment correctly – if you wish to recruit graduates for next year, now is the time to start the recruitment process because by the summer of ’07 the best candidates are already hired.
  • Do not become over dependent on recruitment agencies make sure you are strongly involved in the process and if you are not happy with the offer on hand from the agency send them back! Don’t think this is not an important role for any CEO. Remember that Bill Gates spends 50% of his time on recruitment.
  • Take your time to find the right candidate do not rush the interviews and selection process. A wrong choice will cost you more in time and money and you want to avoid the courts at all cost.

Finding the right people can make or break your company. The right people will drive your company forward and create the environment that determines success. Organise your process in such a way that you are in control of who gets hired and set clear criteria which a new recruit has to fulfil. The selection of new staff members is one of the most important business decisions a company will make. An average selection decision is an investment of at least €25,000 per annum each time and possibly more.  It is a costly game which you have to take very seriously to survive!

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