Why HR for SME Companies

Why HR for SME Companies

Small and medium size companies need a human resource consultant to solve their staff issues and create effective employees who help them to build successful organisations. Owner managers tell me that receiving the correct advice which solves their staff issues give them peace of mind which leaves them more time to concentrate on their core business. If you haven’t got a HR Consultant it is time to get in touch with one and see what he could do for your business.

Human Resources has become a specialised field where managers need to become an expert in the vast legislative requirements the company has to fulfil. In particular the EU Employment Directives have increased the number of Irish employment laws which have a heavy impact on any small and medium size business.

Furthermore, any company needs to be an expert on recruitment not only on how to conduct an effective interview but also where to find the future employees and get an undisruptive stream of excellent candidates. You need to look not only at their skill set but also what attitude the candidates have, identify the core competencies which are essential for your business and which each employee should be able to execute. Getting the right employees will help any company to develop and prosper and that applies today more than ever before.

If you want to become a successful company which is thriving, your employees need to be well able to perform their essential tasks. How do you make this happen? You need clear objectives for your employees and to be able to give constructive feedback to your employees. Most managers I know find it difficult to give constructive feedback and as a result they avoid giving feedback to their employees on the objectives they need to reach. This creates companies who have no sense of direction because nobody is telling the employees what exactly is required. A good HR consultant should be able to set up with you a simple yet effective performance management system which gives clear direction to your employees.

These are just a number of issues a HR Consultant could solve for you. Other issues are for instance how to create an engaged and happy workforce, because if you have an engaged workforce they know what they need to do and understand why this is important for the success of the company. A happy workforce is a more effective workforce. Having an engaged and happy workforce doesn’t have to cost money. It is about listening to your workforce and coming up with creative ideas on how to organise the work.

An experienced HR Consultant will give you good HR policies and practices, will streamline your company, save you money and create a high performance organisation which will survive and thrive in the current difficult economic times.

So why don’t you give me a call at 065 7071933 to discuss your needs and how they can be met.

I am organising a short seminar on the following topic  

Human Resources for SMEs – How to create an effective workforce     

Tuesday 28th May 2013 Radisson Blu Hotel, Limerick, 4:00 pm

If you are interested in attending please let me know.

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